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Are there any spiritual games to play in the group and understand spirituality in easy way?

A spiritual game is one that elevates us from the animal degree, where we consider self-benefit over benefiting others, to the human degree, where we prioritize benefiting others and nature over ourselves.

Such a game involves learning and participating in a group of individuals who share a common goal of attaining spirituality, and specifically by treating spiritual development as a game, we construct ourselves as human beings in the fullest sense of the term (“human” [“Adam” in Hebrew] stems from the phrase, “similar to the upper one” [“Adameh le Elyon”]).

While it is common to think of games as trivial and entertaining in our world, if we pursue spirituality, then the spiritual game is of utmost importance and seriousness. By playing this game, we gradually adapt ourselves to the spiritual world until we completely resemble it.

This game involves assembling ourselves in an environment that guides and supports spiritual progress, which includes a group, books and a spiritual teacher, and this environment acts out the higher spiritual state that we wish to enter.

As the spiritual world is characterized by qualities of bestowal, love and positive connection, which is contrary to our corporeal world—qualities of reception, rejection and division—then in order to become spiritual, we need to include ourselves in an environment where its members learn, act out and exemplify the spiritual qualities to the best of their abilities. By involving ourselves in such an environment, we gradually absorb those qualities, and then from a game where we act out and “play” spiritual qualities among each other, we eventually reach a state where we feel the difference between our corporeal egoistic state and the spiritual state that our group projects onto us, which then activates a sincere desire—prayer—that spiritually transforms us. If our desire is sincere, with no self-benefit laced within, then it gets a response, and we discover our eternal soul.

Based on the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on January 3, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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