Dr Michael Laitman För att förändra världen – förändra människan

Companies Must Understand The New Conditions To Thrive

People want to enjoy themselves nowadays on the account of others. Even if we know we are causing them damage, we don’t care, we just want to enjoy ourselves. It’s not just a lack of cordial relations between friends, where

How A Business Should Operate in the New Global Era

Everyting revolves around the business world and our work place – people always ask, where do you work? With all the changes on the way, how will that affect the business world?

Contribution to Society Key To Corporate Sustainability

A company cannot simply exist simply to increase profits and revenue statements. No businesses can operate in that manner from this point forward.  We need to measure a business’s value only by its contribution to society. Any business that society

The Economics of Happiness

Are we talking about a different approach in the world? Or is it just a lack of options? Of course there is not enough data to analyze the state of the average citizen because people are not machines. People need

How Communities Can Make Us Happy

Research shows how community is a big part of a person’s happiness. How do you summarize the community’s role? Dr. Laitman: I wouldn’t call this approach The Economy of Happiness because it does not look after a person’s happiness or

The Foundation for the Building New Economy

The new person wants pleasures and to enjoy life. We’re not going to become robots. People will still have families and go to work. But people are getting less satisfaction nowadays because we are quickly approaching a phase of reasonable

Israel’s Security and Economic Crisis

Dr. Laitman: There is a connection between all the situations. Even a global connection all around the world that is presented as a multifaceted crisis at the moment. It all depends on man’s attitude to life. We can’t simply manage

Jobbmarknadens framtid: Arbeta med att vara människa

Det är beklagligt att 33.000 anställda på Toys ’R’ Us kommer att mista sina jobb. Det är bara att ta ner semesterfotot på familjen från kontorsväggen, packa ner det i en brun flyttlåda, ta en leksak eller två som minne, och