Dr Michael Laitman För att förändra världen – förändra människan

New Life – Program 77 – From Health to Sickness

Dr. Laitman discusses the cause for diseases, the egoistic medical system we have today and how it must change.

New Life – Program 78 – Health & Pain

How can we heal the pain and transform it into a source of happiness, joy and health? Dr. Laitman discusses the role of pain in the human society.

New Life – Program 79 – Health & Cancer

Cancer is a reflection of the defective spiritual system of humanity. Dr. Laitman explains how educating humanity to have better relationships will bring about the healing of cancer at both the individual level and level of society.

New Life – Program 80 – Heart Health

The heart symbolizes the desires and passions of man. Dr. Laitman talks about love and spiritual perception , and how the two are connected.

New Life – Program 81 – Balanced Body

Contagious diseases have advantages, they develop vaccines in us. But why are there some that are impossible to heal and what can be done to make the body healthy?