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The Muslim States of America?

From what I hear, the incoming president Joe Biden intends to give virtually free pass to immigrants from Muslim countries. It is basically a return to the Obama administration policy that Trump fought so hard to change. Assuming the reports are true, it will shock the American society, and in a matter of weeks we will see ships and planes heading for the US from Europe, Africa, and Latin America. In short, we are headed for an invasion of immigrants into the US.

History repeats itself; and history teaches us that the process is simple and one-directional: When immigrants come, they take over the host country. So in this war, the Americans are losing. The same spirit is prevailing in Europe, though it has slowed down a little lately, but the trend is clear. The bottom line is that in both Europe and America we will see the same policy of letting every immigrant inside whatever the consequences.

Even though there are no jobs, and even though governments have no money, no solid education system, and healthcare systems are worn thin by the pandemic, they will still open their borders and whatever happens, happens. It reminds me of the invasions of the Berbers into Europe or the invasion of Genghis Khan’s into Russia.

The result will be that the United States becomes a Muslim country, and all those of European descent will have to convert to Islam or run away. It will be just as in any country that was conquered by Islam: Once the Muslims take control they give the locals a choice: Convert to Islam or die.

For the time being, some Americans think that there is benefit in the immigration from Muslim countries: They can go on with their business and continue with their lives. But in the meantime, the Muslim population will grow, establish mosques and other places of religious studies, and even those who now agree will suddenly find that their children have become Muslims.

Currently, this is where America is going. It may not be pleasant news, but I have learned that telling the truth, however harsh, is always the preferred choice while there is still a way and time to make the necessary changes. When it is all over, it’s a different story. I am saying this now because now we are in the final moments before the closing of the window.

[Michigan’s Electoral College electors stand as Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn, Michigan, gives the second invocation at the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, U.S. December 14, 2020. Carlos Osorio/Pool via REUTERS]

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