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The China-Taiwan Conflict – Is It Real?

Between Friday and Monday, more than 150 Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan’s airspace. For their part, the Taiwanese have stated that they are preparing for war with their neighboring giant, and the US has urged China to discontinue its provocative intrusions. While the growing tension is indeed disconcerting, I think it is a rather bogus conflict between two parts of the same nation, and it is in the interest of other countries to pit them against each other. Either way, I believe that when China wants it, the two will reunite, Taiwan will rejoin China, and China, too, will change accordingly.

If anything, perhaps China’s intention in its aerial incursions was not to scare Taiwan, but to provoke the US, Taiwan’s professed protector. But in truth, I don’t see what China has to gain from a war with Taiwan. There is no territory there, and all the technology that Taiwan has, China has, as well. I’m certain there are ulterior motives here that are not reported by the press, but either way, I see no cause for war here.

We need to understand that China isn’t just another country. It is a behemoth of a republic with a population of more than 1.4 billion people. These people come from different, and often clashing cultures, religions, social statuses, and ways of life. Therefore, the Chinese government must maintain a very strict form of governance in order to keep the country under control. It is said that we should not judge other people until we are in their shoes. Therefore, I wouldn’t rush to pass judgment on China.

Moreover, if China really wanted to retake Taiwan, it would do it just like that and no one would lift a finger to stop it. The US, Europe, Russia, none of them cares about Taiwan and would certainly not risk themselves going against China. If China decided to overtake Taiwan, they would protest, but it would be nothing but hypocritical lip service. Moreover, the fact that Taiwan is still a sovereign country proves that China doesn’t want to reclaim it.

In general, I think we’re moving into a new era. The whole concept of the nation-state is dissolving. Today, there is nothing more to it than a flag and an anthem.

Many years ago, I was in Northern Ireland while they were still fighting for independence from the UK. I even participated in one of their marches and pretended to be proud that I was one of them.

But those days are over. The world is becoming rounder; everyone is connected to everyone else, and the whole concept of borders is losing its meaning. Were it not for drug trafficking and defense, there would be no reason for fences between countries.

I think the world is headed for a better place, a more collaborative manner of existence. We will have to endure a few more blows, but we will eventually understand that there is a very clear trajectory here—toward unity and cohesion. If we understand it, we will be able to advance toward it willingly and much more pleasantly.

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