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Fight the Right War

We like to think that we are masters of our own lives, but are we really? If we had our way, would we have asked for the coronavirus to derail our lives from their carefully planned routes? Would we have wanted the mayhem that has engulfed cities across the country following the death of George Floyd? If we had any control over our lives, would we have chosen to live in a country where law and order have become a mockery while anarchists on either side of the map do as they please, while the regular Janes and Joes are fearful stepping out and speaking out their sane truth?
Right now in America, 130 people die of prescription drug abuse each day, 50 million don’t get enough food, and tens of millions have no jobs, no income, and no future. Any person who were asked whether he or she wanted to live in such a country would respond with a resounding “No!”

Sure, many people have it going for them in America. Some are actually living the American dream. But many are not, and many more are joining them daily.

But if we stop for a moment and think, we will see that there is one clear message, if you can call it that, in all this pain: This society is really dying because of loneliness. Its disease is not COVID-19, it is alienation, division, suspicion, and separation, or in a word: hatred. Cure hatred, and you have cured the country.

If people stopped fighting against each other and started fighting for love, that love would bridge the gaps, there would not be divisions. It is so easy to see the good in different people when you love them. Different people are what makes our society diverse, vital, rich with culture, colors, and brilliant innovations. But if there is hate then the more different another person is from me, the more I hate that person, and the more blind I become to his or her merits.

Think about it: If we fight against injustice, we are increasing hate. But if we fight for love, we are increasing justice. Let’s join a common battle against the right enemy; let’s fight together against the hatred within us toward our fellow human beings whoever they are.

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