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Dr. Michael Laitman on Trump


When I comment on matters related to Donald Trump, I am not relating to his personality. Many see Trump as a poster child for the human ego, while the most basic understanding in the wisdom of Kabbalah is that all people are driven by their egos. Therefore, his public image is irrelevant to me.

What I am commenting on is the role he currently plays in the current state of global affairs.

Our world is in a developing crisis, and various interconnections being made by powerful global players who shape the world’s economy, politics and media only deepen the crisis, as they too are driven by the human ego. Therefore, if we weaken such egoistic connections, we alleviate the crisis, which can easily spiral out of control.

Trump represents an approach to global affairs that lowers the risk of another world war, specifically because he is tearing down certain international connections, as if holding the brakes, by trying to bring America back to where it was on the global economic map. As long as the world develops according to the human ego, such moves by Trump help maintain the relative peace in the world.

The ruling elites are attempting to join hands and increase their financial control by making various international trade agreements which ultimately strip the people of the world from everything they have. They produce the guise of economic development in some developing countries, but in reality, all the profits go to the elites, and all the burden falls on the masses.

Therefore, the current development toward global integration is not the kind of development that will benefit the world; it will only benefit those who are pulling the strings.

This is why these global players are opposing Trump. They hold much of the mainstream media in their hands, and they design the impression that most of the public and all sane people are against Trump. They also do well in staging what seem like natural waves of social protest.

Unfortunately, the propaganda and brainwashing are so powerful that even some of my students are being influenced, as they fail to see that there are vested interests working behind the scenes and that people don’t go out to protest without being manipulated into doing so. It’s a well-oiled machine, fueled by many millions of dollars.

So I don’t take my cues from what’s playing on the media or what most people say, and I also don’t work for Trump. I am explaining the world through the lens of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

I have no interest in playing the childish game of picking a side—being for or against anything. My commentary comes from a different level altogether: the natural forces at play. From that level, it’s perfectly clear that as long as egoists are driving global connections, it’s better to sever them than to strengthen them.

In general, I look at all the phenomena in the world as expressions of the fundamental laws of nature, and I use them to explain Kabbalah’s take on the process the world is going through.

Kabbalists write that “dispersing the wicked is better for them and better for the world” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 8:5). In other words, the whole world will be better off if the ties between those powerful players are broken, as their egoism only serves to exploit all other people to the fullest.

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