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Why Is Nature So Beautiful and People Are the Opposite?

A recent study published in the journal, Science Advances, discussed findings that living near plants for long enough can extend people’s life spans by 2.5 years.

Indeed, we are parts of nature that consist of the still, vegetative, animate and human levels, and their interconnection leads us to bear witness to such phenomena.

The question is whether people can sooth and calm other people’s lives similarly to how plants can do so?

We can, and even more so. Whether we feel people around us as aggravating or as calming depends on the extent to which we view them as important and close. We thus need to urge ourselves to change such that other people feel closer and closer to us.

And on this point, we indeed encounter the question: Why does nature seem so beautiful while people seem the opposite? It is because our ego, the desire to enjoy at the expense of others, rejects the egoistic nature of other people. We like plants, for instance, because they generally bring us no harm. People around us, on the other hand, can drive us crazy.

We should thus switch our attitude to other people in a way where we check ourselves in relation to them: “How will I appear in their eyes?” Why? It is in order to become a positive example to them. Then, perhaps as a result, they will also change by the example that we show them.

If we come to see nature as a force that constantly directs everything and everyone toward goodness, harmony and peace, then we can perceive beauty in nature on all of its levels—still, vegetative, animate, and especially the human level. It is because we then see the need to align ourselves with nature’s positive force, and our own aim in that direction, particularly at the level of human connections, leads us to seeing the beauty in people as well as in nature.

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