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The Elusive “Facts” about How Life Begins

Over the past two decades, several studies have been published, which refute much of what we thought we knew about how human eggs are fertilized in the womb. It turns out that the egg is not at all passive, but seems to “choose” the sperm cell that eventually penetrates it and gives it its chromosomes. Also, the strongest and fastest sperm cell is not necessarily the one that will fertilize the egg; sperm cells move in groups that “help” each other through the acidic environment that the egg creates around it, and other revelations that science did not know before.

There is a lot more we don’t know, a lot more that we will learn, and in twenty years, today’s revolutionary discoveries will be refuted and give way to new ones, which will, in turn, be refuted again some years later. In fact, every scientific “fact” should have an asterisk next to it that reads, “until proven otherwise.” The truth, it seems, is as elusive as a shadow: Once you turn on the light, it vanishes.

Science can be used to make life better or worse. However, in order for it to make life better, we ourselves need to be better. Currently, we use science almost exclusively to make money and to build weapons. In other words, science is used to exploit, extort, intimidate, and control other people. The discoveries we make, even about such innocent things as conception, aim only to benefit the companies and institutions that carry out the research. If we want to change that, we must change our mindset.

Moreover, our self-centered approach blinds us to the interconnections that make up all of nature’s systems. It is as if we are observing a part of a machine, but not how it operates in the machine, what influences it, how it is connected to other parts in the machine, or what the whole machine is for. In such a state, can we draw correct conclusions from our observation?

Currently, we focus only on ourselves. We see ourselves as separate entities huddled together against their will in a hostile environment. In truth, however, all elements in creation are connected and dependent on each other. Consciously or not, we maintain among us ties of mutual responsibility where the prosperity of one element in reality guarantees the prosperity of all the others.

We can understand each element only in the context of its function and position in the whole of nature. We, too, are a part of nature, so we must find our rightful place in it, where we benefit from nature and equally benefit all other elements in it. Until we understand this, we will not understand nature, or any part of it, including ourselves or how we are made.

Just as it is impossible to understand the heart unless we see how it operates in a living body, we cannot understand any element before we see it operating in reality. Until we see the big picture, all the “facts” we know are fiction.

When we begin to function with everyone’s benefit in mind, we will begin to truly understand reality. Until then, we will keep making mainly false discoveries that do not last, do not yield lasting relief, and certainly not happiness.

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A medical lab technologist operates an embryo vitrification during an intra cytoplasmic sperm injection process (ICSI) at a laboratory in Paris, France, September 13, 2019. Picture taken September 13, 2019. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

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