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Elon Musk vs. Twitter

Over the past several weeks, Elon Musk, Twitter’s new owner, has been releasing what became known as the “Twitter Files.” The “files” are dumps of internal correspondence among former execs in the company, which Musk fired as soon as he purchased the company. The dumps reveal routine blacklisting of conservative journalists and politicians, including then President Donald Trump, blocking of tweets that did not fit the company’s political agenda, and suppressing news that did not advance the liberal cause, such as the now verified story of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

I have no doubt that Musk knew what he was buying when he went forward with the deal. I am sure that not only Musk, but many other people did background checks for him, and told him what was going on in the company. This also explains why the first thing Musk did when he took over the company was to fire the top stratum of the company.

I do not think that Musk’s intention is to cleanse the world of evil or of evildoers. If that were the case, he would have already been “cleansed” by the evildoers. Nevertheless, I am very much in favor of Musk’s exposures, and the fact that he has succeeded and survived thus far must mean that either he is lucky, or that something I am not aware of is at play here.

Yet, Twitter is only one platform. There is no doubt that the situation is no different in Facebook, or in any platform that is a hub where billions of people go and can be influenced.

In the end, the name of the game here is power and control. This is why the former Twitter executives did what they did, and why all the big tech media and internet companies manipulate data. This is also why the FBI, according to the Twitter Files, was involved in the maneuvers.

The bottom line is that whoever controls the media, controls what people know, and whoever controls what people know, controls what they think. When you control what people think, there is no limit to what you can do with them. This is the end goal of the big tech companies: power and control for the sake of power and control.

I do not know if Elon Musk is after power and control or after something else. He has been a high-tech pioneer for many years, and founded Tesla and SpaceX, but Twitter is a new thing for him. Where it will take him is anyone’s guess, and it might lead him into all kinds of entanglements with various companies and people. Either way, I am always in favor of transparency and exposure of problems because this is the only way to recognize problems and malfunctions, and subsequently mend them. Therefore, whatever motivates Musk, as long as it unveils the truth, I am all for it.

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