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Humanity needs to reach an understanding that only by uniting can the world become peaceful and harmonious. If not, then we will always be under the threat of our divisions breaking out into conflicts of all kinds. Unity is thus of utmost importance.

However, a major problem regarding unity is that many people claim they—and only they—know the way to unity, and that their way to unity is the only way, and we thus bear witness to such “unifying” attempts failing one after another, causing much havoc, destruction and suffering in the process.

These motions will continue until a major attitude shift takes place: that we do not define how our unity should appear, but rather first and foremost internalize the need for unity in our hearts.

When we each hold a concern about unity, then it will happen. We should have no concern about the form of the unity, and set no conditions for how the unity should unfold. Rather, by sharing a common concern about unity, circulating the thought that human closeness is positive for everyone, we can then draw ourselves to a more positively connected and harmonious state.

However, when looking at the world right now, we see many different, contrasting and even conflicting groups and teachings, where each one considers their own position as right and the others as wrong. How could humanity ever achieve a common unified state if such divisions abound among us?

The solution is that unity needs to take place above the differences and divisions. It is written about such unity that “Love will cover all crimes.”

Leave the differences and divisions alone. Let them remain. Be aware of them, and understand that we are remote and opposite from one another. That is, we need to reach an understanding that our differences are part and parcel of our egoistic nature, which we were each born and raised into. Nature has taken care of making each one of us a unique individual with a unique assembly of views and experiences, and thus we cannot expect any kind of common groupings among very diverse populations to emerge if we try to think and act solely at the level of our differences and divisions. However, at the same time, we also see that without discovering a way to unite everyone at some kind of scale, then we will endure more and more suffering. So what is the solution?

The solution is not to try and enact unity at the same level of our differences and divisions, but to rise above them and discover a new kind of reality where we positively connect above our differences.

The laws of nature act such that if rise above our differences and divisions, then we gain support, and in such an inclination we discover positive forces dwelling in nature, waiting for us to activate them through our common motion to connect above our differences.

By enacting a regular motion to positively connect above our differences, we will discover a solution for how to overcome any disagreement and conflict. We will then each see how we differ in our individual natural makeups, but a common tendency to positively connect above our differences will hold more importance, and will give us the strength to unite.

We will then each create a form of unity where we all support each other to, on one hand, acknowledge our negative and critical feelings toward each other, and on the other hand, unite upon them. We will then simultaneously hold divisiveness within us, and unity outside us, and see a harmonious, whole and balanced world, with each one of us as its cells and organs, participating in the creation of a society of united, happy, confident and safe people.

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