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Imagine A Better World, It Can Become a Reality

John Lennon, who was murdered forty years ago today, imagined a common world without borders, without greed and without hunger, one world that is all love—and his message spoke to the hearts of masses of people. The idea of a more tolerant, equalitarian and embracing world still resonates today.

A dream of global love lives in everyone, so even in this time when everything is exploited for commercial purposes in a rough and alienated world, we still prefer to see movies where love prevails and to hear mostly love songs. All of culture all over the world revolves around the theme of love, and if hatred occasionally appears, it comes as an ugly counterpoint to contrast the beauty of love. It is natural. Every person has no more inner desire than a bond of love. It causes us to aspire to it through all the materialistic layers of the time and environment we live in.

So the world Lennon imagined is not utopian. A world full of love is a beautiful and good goal and it should find its place among us if we first just aim for it. Not a love of flowers woven into the hair and birds chirping. There is nothing wrong with them, but a deeper and realistic experience of love is built with the core material of humans. It is called hatred. That is how the world was created, with two sides of the same coin, love and hatred, interacting all the time until they achieve balance.

Love begins with a situation where two people reject and even hate each other, and without erasing the differences and ignoring the gaps, they build a mutual agreement on top of their divergences. This is a technique that exists in nature called “Love will cover all crimes.” One who manages to love like this without expecting anything in return, like nature does, will always have a burning heart full of joy of life.

We do not have to wait for others to start loving us some day, it all depends entirely on the person. If we want to be unconditionally loving, if we learn how to get out of ourselves into others, then beyond all imagination we will discover a world without limits for ourselves, a world without greed and without hunger. Such a person will find the inner power that sustains the world and connects everything into one.


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