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What Does “Next Year in Jerusalem” Really Mean?

“Next year in Jerusalem” is an optimistic part at the end of the Passover Haggadah, and it means that we will reach a desire that includes all of humanity’s desires within itself. In other words, wherever we go, we will feel the need to positively connect with everyone above the ego’s divisive drives.
By doing so, we come to a state in which the upper force reveals itself to us, as it is written, “for they shall all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33). We then build a system of connection between us, which is called “the house of the Lord,” about which it is written, “And My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (Isaiah 56:7).
That is the meaning of us building a network of connections from a different quality, where the upper general force of love and bestowal fills, creates and sustains the system we exist in.
Such is our future state.
If we aim in the direction of positively connecting to each other above our egoistic drives—and especially if we do so together—then we will reach the sincere desire to connect described by the words, “next year in Jerusalem.”
Based on the video “What Does ‘Next Year in Jerusalem’ Mean?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
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