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What do you think about Israel ordering a second coronavirus lockdown after bungled reopening?

As I live in Israel, I think that we are truly advancing in our understanding as to why we are being locked in, that greater forces beyond what people instigate in this world are shutting us in to give us an opportunity to sit and contemplate the deeper reasons behind this whole fiasco.

When we understand that the laws of nature are to bring us into positive connection with each other, and that nature only requires of us to improve our attitudes and connections—that we become more considerate, responsible and loving of one another—then we can measure ourselves in relation to such an expectation and see where we are going wrong.

Currently, we have made no moves to positively connect with each other above the fiery hatred burning within our society. Our negative attitudes to each other result in phenomena that we perceive as negative, but it is like children who misbehave and whose parents tell them to go to their rooms in order to sit and think about what they’ve done wrong.

Israel is full of hatred. Also, the worse the situation becomes, the more the hatred seemingly grows. As such, it becomes unclear just how much worse it will continue becoming if we fail to pinch ourselves in order to wake up from our negative course.

That is why I support the current lockdown in Israel.

On one hand, it will pressure many people here, but on the other hand, and more importantly, it provides an opportunity for us to ask about its ultimate purpose, and what we can ultimately do about it.

I therefore wish for the people in Israel to understand that the negative phenomena unfolding here are fundamentally due to our hatred of each other. The coronavirus thus emerges as a kind of punishment for our failure to rise above our divisiveness and animosity.

We have reached a stage in human development where nature expects us to start following its laws—laws that sages expressed many generations ago in the tenet, “And you will love your neighbor as yourself.” Positive connection and unity among all people is the rule of the Torah, and it was our initial observance of those rules that granted us the name “the people of Israel” to begin with.

Undergoing a serious self-scrutiny to see how our egoistic human nature operates on us, behind our every action, thought and desire, in a way that parts us from each other, is an important part of our progress to a much better life for us all. By discovering the evil embedded in our egoistic nature, we can then proceed to wish for a correction of such evil, and start building new and positive connections above our divisive drives.

If we succeed in contemplating our current state according to the lines mentioned here, we can then expect the coronavirus to fade away—as we would then enter into balance with a new stage of development nature is inviting us to.

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