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Highlights from a Meeting with David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal is a respected political analyst, journalist, and columnist in various Israeli and international media outlets. Every so often, he interviews Dr. Michael Laitman on various topics. Below are some of the key points from their latest talk, which took place Wednesday, February 16, 2022. The questions and answers below summarize some of the main topics.

Mr. Rosenthal: How do you see the state of the world at the moment? Where do you think it is headed?

Dr. Laitman: Indeed, we are at a critical phase in the development of humanity. However, for humanity to develop, nature is pressing us in various ways. This is why we see so many conflicts around the world, along with volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other global problems all happening at the same time.

While these crises are here in order to push us to the next level of development, they do not lift us there, but only force us to get out of our comfort zone. This is why it is so important that we take the initiative for our development into our own hands, since when nature does it, it employs very unpleasant ways.

Either way, the 21st century will be a century of great lessons. The question is how quickly, easily, and pleasantly we want to learn those lessons. We can come to a state where everyone is satisfied—from individuals through organizations to societies and governments. It may seem impossible since each entity has its own interests, which often clash, but I believe we will discover how to rise above our differences and find a common unity that makes personal interests feel inconsequential.

I anticipate that humanity will want to find the method for achieving this, and then we will all finally be happy. Although people are still egoists and in constant conflicts, we will gradually come to that state.

Mr. Rosenthal: Do organizations play any role in overcoming the raging ego?

Dr. Laitman: Their importance is that through various organizations and governments that want to impose their will on the public, we are discovering that there can be only one solution: to rise above all of our demands of others and come to some sort of equilibrium where no one demands anything of anyone. My words may not be very clear right now, but humanity is approaching it and will soon discover it.

Mr. Rosenthal: How will climate change influence us? Will it continue to be a problem?

Dr. Laitman: Yes, I have no doubt it will. The problems we are currently facing are only because of us, to make us improve our relationships with one another. This is how we should see it. Therefore, if we make our relationships friendlier and calmer, we will pacify all of nature, including hurricanes and other storms, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, and all the disasters plaguing us on land, at sea, and in the air.

The thing is that we, humans, are the center of creation. Therefore, the more we spoil our connections, the more we disrupt nature. When nature shifts off balance, we see an escalation of natural phenomena and they become natural disasters. This is why we say that they are signs that we need to improve our relations. When we improve them, we pacify the center of creation, which in turn pacifies the entire planetary system and the natural disasters stop occurring.

Mr. Rosenthal: On another topic: What about antisemitism? Will there be a time when it subsides?

Dr. Laitman: Antisemitism usually eases after great troubles for the Jewish people. However, we must understand that the reason for antisemitism is that the people of Israel themselves do not do what they must do in the overall system of humanity. If the people of Israel connect among themselves, they will immediately placate the forces that erupt against them.

The people of Israel must understand that their fate depends on them, and not on the will of other nations. If they connect, they set an example of unity to the world, and this is all that the world wants from them. The vocation of the Jewish people is to exemplify unity and mutual responsibility that the whole world can follow, and then everyone will appreciate and welcome them.
Mr. Rosenthal: What about Israel’s image in the media? Will that improve as well?

Dr. Laitman: It all depends on how Israelis and Jews relate to one another. If they display amity and mutual concern, the world will approach them with friendliness, as well. If we are divided, smear one another, and hate one another, the world will hate us equally. The ball is in our court.

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