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Will The Middle East Be Trump’s Next Peace Deal?

“The Israeli nation had been constructed as a sort of gateway by which the sparks of purity would shine upon the whole of the human race the world over.”  The Arvut, Baal HaSulam

The Trump-Kim summit generated a renewed sense of hope along with questions about the future. Will we witness a new and peaceful North Korea? Will Trump’s deal-making skills become instrumental in promoting world peace? And specifically among Israel analysts: Will Trump be able to make a deal to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Firstly, when major changes happen in international politics it’s not due to specific characters and personalities. It is the accumulation of various circumstances leading to an urgency for change. It’s part of how nature works.

As Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag writes, “the duration of every political phase is just the time it takes to unveil its shortcomings and evil. While discovering its faults, it makes way for a new phase, liberated from these failings. Thus, these impairments that appear in a situation and destroy it are the very forces of human evolution, as they raise humanity to a more corrected state.” (The Nation).

The newly improved relationship between the US. and North Korea is a positive step, and it sends a message to other countries that it’s worthwhile to relieve nuclear tension. Yet, I don’t consider it something that is bound to change the world dramatically. While North Korea has made a lot of noise, it is a secluded authoritarian regime whose global influence is very limited.

In regards to implications on Israel, I believe we will see some gradual changes happening. As the Trump-Kim relationship moves forward, we can also expect North Korea to stop the provision of weapons to countries like Iran and Syria.

So, will Trump be able to extend his deal-making skills to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and kick-start a dramatic change in the region? Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening. And once again, the reason has to do with nature itself.

Three thousand 800 years ago in ancient Babylon, a special “deal” was made at the cradle of human civilization. Representatives from the various groups, tribes and clans decided to come together and coexist under the principle of unity above all their differences.

It was nature’s way of planting the seed of unity for the entire human race. In other words, nature made a deal with them: making them a mini-model of global unity, which ultimately has to set an example for the world.

Israel Must Generate Healing Force of Unity to Achieve Peace

That group of representatives later became what we now refer to as “the people of Israel.” The deal is that they are like a central junction within the vast network of humanity, through which the influence of unity can spread to all nations, including Israel’s neighbors, whose actions depend on this influence the most.

Therefore, solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a different deal altogether. The only way to move from the current hostility into a state of friendship and coexistence, is when Israel generates the healing force of unity, first within itself and then onto the world.

And as with all natural processes, the accumulation of circumstances will eventually lead us to the urgency for change.

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