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Why is almost everyone become blind due to hatred?

While hatred is bursting at the seams today, it has always been latent within us. Hatred blinds so many of us today precisely in order for us to learn how to open our eyes above the hatred, and see the world through new lenses of love and kindness.

Moreover, hatred sweeps throughout humanity today, which is precisely so that humanity as a whole learns how to rise above hatred with love and unity.

Humanity has reached a very significant transitional phase in its development. Our global interdependence and interconnectedness has become painfully evident together with our rising hatred and divisiveness.

We find ourselves in this paradoxical entanglement so that we see how, on one hand, we have reached tightening global interdependence and interconnectedness without any special strategizing or planning to bring about such a state; and on the other hand, we find ourselves increasingly hateful and disconnected in our attitudes to each other.

Currently, the most apparent example of our “external connection versus internal disconnection” scenario comes with the coronavirus: a global pandemic that has forced populations around the world to adhere to similar conditions in the struggle against it.

However, while we simply find ourselves in such global circumstances without any special strategizing or planning, and where the more we connect externally, the more we find ourselves hating and detaching from each other internally in our attitudes to each other, then the sooner we will reach a very significant self-examination: where is our free choice and free activity in such a process?

The answer: it is in our motion to positively connect to each other, to develop ties of love and kindness above the innate hatred and estrangement.

We have reached a point in human development where, with a little guidance, we can reach the realization that if we fail to actively love and positively connect to each other above our involuntary hatred toward each other, then the hatred will blind us, consume us, and lead us to various tragedies, so that we learn how nothing positive results from blindly following our hateful impulses.

We need to dust the dirt away from the treasure that we’re so close to discovering. By seeking how to develop ties of love and kindness above the innate hatred we feel toward each other, then we will reveal newfound happiness, prosperity and confidence that we never would have dreamed is possible.

We just need to raise our sensitivity a little, to feel how the hatred flaring up within us is not an emotion that we should follow through with, in order to inflict pain upon others, and ultimately, also to ourselves; rather it is an invitation to become conscious and aware human beings in the fullest sense of the term: to make conscious moves in elevating love, kindness and unity above the hatred, and by doing so, unlock a new reality and discover a whole new world of fulfillment.

We can expect nature to surface more and more hatred and divisive attitudes within us, and while it does, we would be wise to build a society that supports each other to rise above those involuntary nudges from nature, and build a new world—one where we construct new bridges of positive attitudes among each other, and by doing so, discover no less than perfection.

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