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The world has become so unclear that we don’t know what to think anymore. It is happening on purpose; we are in the midst of a complete overhaul of our values, perspectives on life, the world, and ourselves. The future will not belong to a select few who indulge in their power and fame, exploit the world, and reap the glory. Society is transforming. Those who bring the most genuine benefit to the public, who make society a cohesive, caring collective, will win the public’s trust and appreciation.

We are at the outset of a prolonged campaign at the end of which nature, through the coronavirus and through other means, will reshape our world from an individualistic one where everyone fights to survive, to an integral world where everyone collaborates to promote human society and the world we live in. The coronavirus is unique in that it is the first truly global blow. There have been pandemics in the past, and even more fatal than Covid-19, but this crisis is unique in that it will not let up and will not let us return to our previous lives.

If we surrender to the dictates that the virus is imposing on us, we will discover that we not only have to keep our mouths shut and stop hurting each other verbally, we also have to keep our distance and stop hurting each other physically. And because we have to keep our distance, numerous companies and businesses will not be profitable and will have to shut down. As a result, the economy will shrink to a sustainable size that the planet can contain.

The restrictions of the virus will force us to change our schooling system, which has been noxious to the human spirit for decades, if not longer. It will force at least one parent to stay at home with the children, cutting the workforce by about fifty percent. People will have to live on more modest incomes, causing the economy to shrink even further.

To keep people from going hungry, governments will have to secure basic relief packages for every resident. They will fund it through automation, taxes, and a drop in production costs (voluntary or compulsory). This will be enough to secure the staples for every person, which are not very costly anyhow.
To prevent people from idleness and decline into deleterious engagements, authorities will organize social activities, courses, and trainings that will inform people about the changes happening in the world, give them an arena for much needed social connections, and train them in jobs that will be required in the changing reality.

The result of all these shifts in human society will be the creation of a different world. We will realize that although we objected to the changes imposed by the coronavirus, it created for us a much calmer world where people care for one another and don’t wish to destroy each other.

Our insistence not to wear masks, keep businesses open, and not keep the required distance only prolongs the labor pains into the new world. Resistance will not reverse the process, but it will make the pangs longer and more painful. I understand that it is human nature to be obstinate, but I still ache when I see so many people going through such needless agony. The sooner we shift our minds to the new, grownup mindset, the better off we will all be.

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