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What Can We Offer the Italian People During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

“I looked out the window from the room I have been closed in for weeks, and I saw my neighbor being removed in a body bag, due to dying from the coronavirus.” That is what one of my Italian students mentioned when discussing what is going on in Italy at the moment.

Although the coronavirus pandemic is felt all around the world, in Italy it is felt much stronger.

The highest reported coronavirus-related death rate haunts the Italian people together with a heavy and depressing fear of death.

The Italian citizens live in uncertainty and discontent as they endure a prolonged period of social distancing, forced by the risky pandemic to remain in their homes.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus continues spreading, and also mutating very quickly.

Although much effort is being made to find a vaccine to cure people from the virus, it seems as if it is here to stay for a while.

Therefore, what can we offer the Italian people, as well as everyone staying at home during this period around the world?

All we have to offer is a deeper explanation as to why this virus came about and spread throughout humanity, i.e., one that comes from an understanding of nature’s plan and purpose toward humanity, and what nature expects of us.

One clear aspect about the coronavirus is that it negatively affects us, humans, and no other parts of nature. This is because it emerges to wake us up to the fact that we had been harming ourselves and the planet in the way we conducted ourselves leading up to the pandemic.

In other words, we brought this pandemic upon ourselves due to our imbalance with nature.

We had turned our lives into a rat race on a consumeristic treadmill where we each sought to benefit ourselves at the expense of others. By doing so, we created a system where we manufactured, advertised, bought, sold and then soon after discarded an array of products that were well beyond our necessities.

We related to each other in a way where we saw dollar signs hovering upon each other’s heads. That is, we measured each other by the amount of benefit and profit we could reap from each other, and the more our selfish desires grew, the more divided we became.

Therefore, the coronavirus appeared in order to physically detach us for a while, giving us time and room to contemplate on how we relate to each other and to our world, how to not return to our past destructive world, and what should happen to our world in order for it to be better, more genuine and just.

Ultimately, this virus emerged in order for us to fix our relationships, that we would become more considerate and supportive of each other. This is why there is yet no vaccination in sight. It is also why scientists and researchers are at a loss.

Until we repair our attitudes to each other, then anything we will do to cure this virus will stumble under the weight of a new virus or mutation of the current virus, which would be stronger and more threatening.

This is why people concerned about humanity’s future today are trying to spread the message about the deeper explanation behind the coronavirus, and raise awareness of the power that we hold in our connections to each other.

By learning about how we are interdependent and how our positive future depends on the extent to which we realize our interdependence positively, we then awaken nature’s positive force of connection into our lives. It knows, much better than we do, how to cure all diseases and solve all of our problems.

One of our main problems is that we fail to acknowledge that nature is in control, that it is wiser and superior to us. If we could acknowledge nature’s superiority and greater wisdom to our own, then such an approach would prepare us to learn and absorb how we can shift into balance with nature and experience newfound harmony.

I think that Italians should be able to digest this message relatively easily. They naturally feel that there is a higher power in the world, and have a warm and open heart. I wish them good health, peace and a quick recovery.

Posted on Facebook March 29, 2020

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