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We Mustn’t Be Complacent

The global decline in new COVID-19 confirmed cases shouldn’t mislead us. The coronavirus isn’t gone; it’s just preparing its next move. There is nothing medical that we can do to stop it from sending another wave, more vicious than the first. If we want to get rid of the germ, we have to tackle it at the level that created it: the level of human society.

Humanity has been operating on a paradigm that idolized unabashed selfishness. We admired people who were obnoxious to others and to nature, and turned those bullies into role models. It’s no wonder we couldn’t stop depleting and polluting our planet, since deep down we all wanted to be among those who were doing the most harm. They had all the money, power, prestige, and what they gave in return was lip service that we must curb emissions and guard free speech and democracy.

Nature exposed our hypocrisy and with a single whiff, shut down the world. Now it’s our choice to change how we treat one another and nature, build a new paradigm—of giving and mutual concern—and save ourselves, our planet, and our future. Nature is letting us choose, and the choice is very clear: heaven of friendship or hell of egoism.

[May 2, 2020, Concord, New Hampshire, USA: Children play at Reopen NH rally in Concord. Hundreds of protesters gather outside of the State House to protest New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu to end his stay-at-home emergency order at Reopen NH rally in Concord]

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