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WE ARE ALL Fighting THE SAME Enemy

It is becoming clearer with each passing day that we are all fighting the same enemy. This enemy convinces some of us that Democrats are evil, and convinces others that Republicans are inhuman. It whispers in the ears of some that there is no coronavirus and there’s no need to wear masks, and whispers in the ears of others that those who do not wear masks are irresponsible and selfish and put others’ lives at risk. This enemy tells us that Blacks are anarchists and a host of other “compliments,” and it tells still others that Whites are immoral racists. But most of all, it tells us all, “I am your friend, I’m on your side.”
It is not. It is against all of us as a society and each of us as individuals. It cares only about itself and wants nothing but our servitude. It is our ego and it has mastered the “divide and conquer” technique. It is time to come together and dethrone it before it drives us all to kill each other.
The ego blinds us to our mutual dependency. It makes us think that we would be so much better off if only the other side didn’t exist. But without each other, without our opposites, we ourselves would not exist. We are two sides of the same coin; you can’t remove one side of the coin but leave the other side. If you try, there will be nothing left.
Just as there is not a single system on all levels of reality that is not dependent on its opposite, so it is with people. We wouldn’t be able to even think of life if there weren’t death. We wouldn’t know the meaning of light if there weren’t darkness, experience love if there weren’t hate, or feel compassion if we didn’t feel cruelty.
Moreover, we wouldn’t know our views, qualities, and likes and dislikes if we didn’t have other people to whom we could compare ourselves. The opposites in our world not only sustain it, but also make it as rich and beautiful as it is. We love diversity and contradictions in nature, so why do we hate them in our own society? Because enjoying and appreciating our differences goes against our ego, which tells us that only we matter, and no one else.
As a result, our ego makes us interpret oppositeness of views, looks, and faiths as negative. This is how it destroys our world. If we’re not careful, it will soon destroy us by setting us against each other on a war that no one will win but the ego.
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