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Time for the Next Impact

In the first wave, Israel went into a strict lockdown. It was nothing like the curfew that we see in China, but still, businesses were closed and people’s movements were heavily restricted. In the second wave, the lockdown was not as strict, not all businesses were closed, and people’s movements were restricted less than in the first. The third wave was even more lenient, and so on. Now that we are at the beginning of the sixth wave, no one is paying attention. People, even those in charge of coping with the pandemic, have come to treat Covid as another type of flu.

It is not as though the virus had no impact on humanity, because it did. However, for the time being, it seems as though it did what it came to do and it is time to move on to the next phenomenon that will bring about the next change in humanity.

Speaking of which, I think that the next phase will have a bigger impact on our feelings than on our bodies. It will impel us to draw closer to each other emotionally as a means to protect ourselves against illness. It will somehow be combined with human relations and will be less about physical closeness and more about emotional, internal closeness. This phase will force us to examine how we relate to one another, and how that relation influences us—positively or negatively.

It is still not clear to me how this phase will manifest, but I do hope that we will see it in the near future.

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