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The Coronavirus Era — Time to Calm Down and Rethink Our Lives

Before the coronavirus became a worldwide phenomenon, we were in a very dangerous global state.

I had felt alarm bells going off as global tension and anxiety were reaching an all-time high. Whether it was fiercely growing world debt, tense international relations, as well as enormous amounts of pollution, among many other problems on personal, social, global and ecological scales, I felt like we were headed rampantly toward another world war.

In one way or another, all of our incorrect competitive-egoistic relations that we had established around the planet needed to calm down.

Then, all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, came the coronavirus. It surfaced precisely at a very threatening time when all the global tensions were about to snap.

Therefore, I am happy that things turned out the way they have for the time being, and that they didn’t turn out much worse.

In addition, above all the theories scattering around on the causes of the coronavirus, the supreme force of nature guides everyone and everything in a very precise and caring manner. In other words, nature organized our exit in a very exact way from the terrible state we were facing.

We, humanity, pushed ourselves to a dead end. Then, with relative smoothness, without any choice on our behalf, nature organized a new state and a way out of our entanglement.

And so it is today that many of us sit at home with nothing to do. The artificial and unessential things we were keeping ourselves busy with will quickly fade away due to us increasingly feeling no need to use them anymore.

As for our lives, and those of our children and grandchildren, it would be wise to create new departments and teams, both at government and societal levels, which will be concerned with bringing an atmosphere of mutual support to society. By doing so, we will all survive through this unique new stage of our development until we will get used to a new way of life.

I hope that after this crisis, all the superpower countries that were flexing their muscles and spreading their tentacles around the world — one financially, another militarily, and another industrially, and so on and so forth — countries like China, the European Union, the United States, Russia, Iran and others, will regain their composure and normalize themselves. Also, I hope to see people calm down from all the travel frenzy around the world.

I am certain that we will see such phenomena as we transition out of this coronavirus era.

I’m envisioning a new world, one where we will free up more and more room in our minds and hearts to consider why we’re alive, what is the meaning of life, and to put an end to all the hustle and bustle.

Until the coronavirus hit us, we were like little children running around from one corner of the room to the other.

From now on, it is all going to change.

We became more mature, and nature, like a disciplining parent, is pointing its finger at us and telling us “That’s enough! Sit down and think about what you’re doing!”

We have entered a new historical era where we need to stop and contemplate on how and why we’re living our lives, that we need to cool off, and after becoming more patient, head forward with more introspection, experience and knowledge about how to live our lives in a more balanced way among each other and with nature.

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