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Synopsis of Correction

Now that we’re no longer sheltering in place, the focus shifts from health to provision. Many businesses will not survive the coronavirus crisis since there will be no demand for them. Humanity is changing; many things we regarded as staples, we will now regard as superfluous luxuries.

Yet, those business owners need an income or they will not survive and social mayhem will ensue. The state has no obligation to fund businesses that have no demand, but it does have to provide people with basic means of sustenance. Therefore, providing some basic income for every person is a must.

Yet, this income is not to be given as freebies. COVID-19 has shown that we are all interdependent. Yet, we have no idea how to function in a society where everyone’s life is dependent on everyone else. People who have lost their previous careers to the virus will therefore learn about living in an interdependent society in order to become instructors of living in such a society. They will be trailblazers of a new social paradigm of mutual responsibility and solidarity. They will build a basis for a society that all of humanity will later join, since a few pandemics from today, all of us will be in the shoes of those who have lost their jobs today. Few will provide for everyone, and everyone will engage in connection. This is the synopsis of correction.

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