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Sobering Up from Consumerism

Although most countries are beginning to ease up on their #StayHome and Shelter-In-Place orders, I do not think this pandemic will go away just like that. To overcome the virus, we need the rational and conscious participation of people, countries, nations, and the world. Nevertheless, I am sure that we are now on the right track. Finally, humanity is starting to seriously sober up from our selfish attitude toward each other, the world, and nature. We have a good future ahead of us. It will no longer be possible to return to the life we used to have.

No way! After the coronavirus, people will be different. The blow will change them. They will no longer jump impulsively on planes and fly half way around the world to buy accessories. They will be interested in a more in-depth attitude toward nature, toward each other, and toward themselves. Soon, I believe, we will open our eyes and see the whole picture of nature. We have a fascinating journey ahead of us. Every day, nature fine-tunes us more and more for a new attitude toward ourselves, the world, life, death, toward everything. I am confident that humanity will grow up in many aspects from this supposed blow.


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