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Rusting Weapons

The coronavirus is the beginning of a change for the better. The clearing of the air and water, the new notions popping up in leaders’ minds about worldwide truce and universal basic income indicate that the winds of change are blowing in the world and many are responding.

We may not feel it yet but the time of wars and weapons has passed. It will not be gone at once, but gradually, yet we are already on the threshold of a new era where weapons will rust and disintegrate.

To our children, it will be a given that the world is integral, round, and what goes around comes around. They will know that you cannot act, or even think badly of another person without paying a price for it.

The world that COVID-19 is preparing us for is one where people have what they need, they are at peace with themselves and with each other, and nature treats them kindly. It is a world of mutual responsibility and care. All we need to do is accelerate its emergence, for the sooner it comes, the sooner the virus will go.

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