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Not a Virus But Sophisticated Software

Like sophisticated software, COVID-19 operates us and changes us from within. The virus is driving forward our development as human beings and we will continue experiencing on-going waves of the pandemic until we fix our selfish human relationships. Until we harmonize with nature’s program, the situation around us will not change.

Through the coronavirus, nature is pushing us from behind to redefine human connection. However, we have not yet responded correctly to the outbreaks by improving human relations toward mutual consideration, support, and responsibility. We have not reduced frictions between the sectors within society. Thus the virus strikes us over and over. Therefore, we must force ourselves to arrange our interactions in an integral, complementary way.

Just as nature is one system within which all its parts are linked, the human race must develop an integral network of connections between all its members. But unlike animals, which behave instinctively, we need to move toward connection consciously until we feel as equally vital parts of a single humanity.

How does the virus perceive and respond to our behavior? We and the virus are in the same system of nature, one vast system that encompasses all of reality and responds to our reactions and everything that happens within it. If our behavior continues to rub against the grain of the system, persisting in being egotistical and narrow, the forces of nature will require the system to respond more strongly to force us back in line. If we do not change our behavior, no place in the world will find a lasting cure for the pandemic because the virus will mutate and create new versions of itself time and time again.

First and foremost, the problem is the hostile attitude of people toward one another. Consequently, the virus is applying pressure precisely on this point of mutual consideration. It does not allow us even to approach one another or return to normal unless we reconstruct our attitude from the ground up. We need to understand that nature views us as part of its single integral system, without regard to our feeling that we are separate, independent units.

Conversely, if we maintain proper connections between us, we can shape the world in a completely different way. We will feel a significant new perception, mindset, and attitude toward one another that will lead to new behaviors and expressions between us. Whether we notice the process or not, our entire inner world will change for the better through the influence of the environment.

Even if the time comes that the virus finally passes, we will discover that we are different people than before, that we have changed. We will no longer have the urge to run from one corner of the globe to the other or storm the malls every time a new phone model comes out on the market. Life will be simpler, more natural, and our satisfaction will mainly come from higher quality relationships between people.

We will understand the need to relate to everything around us in a more responsible way, the need to halt the pursuit of vain materialistic goals that are destroying our earth. Until now, the idea of acquiring and accumulating has controlled us: man has wanted to take the best of everything for himself, to advance in wealth and control at any cost. As we become more developed, we will discover that our best life as a human species will be when we harmonize our relationships with the integrality that exists in the rest of nature.

Integrality is the next step in human evolution. The absorption and internalization of this idea, and its realization among human beings will lead us to the discovery of the most potent inner power of nature, the one power that connects all levels of nature and its forces into one integral system.

Our inability to cope with the crises of our time—all the mess, the schisms and corruption that fill our world in every field and every level—help us discover how opposite we are to the balanced system that rules the rest of reality. Learning can occur in one of two ways: the unpleasant way, in which more global catastrophes like the coronavirus will hit us to illustrate how much we are part of one system, that are interdependent and affect each other’s fate; or, we can learn an easier way, in which we immerse ourselves in the concept of a single holistic system and start taking proactive actions to develop new qualitative relationships between us that are based on care, reciprocity, and completion.

Our future fate is in the hands of the integral power of nature. So the closer we get to each other and finely tune our relationships to integrate with nature, the sooner and more painlessly we can be rid of all the troubles that now plague us. We can succeed to rise to a whole new level of human development by upgrading our human connection to harmonize with the deepest and most meaningful software of all.

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