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How has COVID-19 changed the future of humanity?

The longer we endure the coronavirus pandemic, the more we undergo changes that have a major impact on our future.

At the beginning of the outbreak, many thought that COVID-19 was going to be over in a matter of weeks. Weeks soon became months, and today, it has become a lot clearer that it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The pandemic’s relentless perseverance to continue its worldwide spread is tiring and upsetting many people. Our pre-coronavirus lives, which we ran on a competitive consumerist treadmill, came to a halt, and more and more people have found themselves with no future worth striving for.

In such a slumber-like state, some react explosively in riots and protests, and others become quietly depressed, but a general fatigue has expanded throughout humanity. Indeed, there are also risks that people will rise from the pandemic in wars, both within and between countries.

If people have no clear perspective and purpose in their lives, not knowing how to navigate their lives into the future, then the lack of a hopeful vision gives rise to sensations of powerlessness and helplessness.

However, with regard to our future, our lives were quite similar in pre-coronavirus times. That is, we were playing an egoistic-consumerist game, and our main preoccupation was to simply keep playing it. Most of us were not very focused on where our lives were ultimately headed. Now, it is as if nature confiscated our game, and we feel that we cannot earn and spend ad nauseam as we once did.

How, then, can we advance from here?

Since the coronavirus has made it all the more taxing to take care of ourselves, then perhaps this despair will urge us to arrive at a decision where we will need to take more care of each other.

Our powerlessness, helplessness and dissatisfaction in our personal lives might just be what we need in order to change society’s modus operandi, where instead of looking out for number one all the time—me, myself and mine—which gives rise to an array of negative sensations, we will instead be able to find true fulfillment, strength, happiness, and a reason to live, if we support one another.

Then, when we start living our lives not for our own sake, but in mutual support and consideration of each other, we will see life differently.

We will discover a fresh new purpose to our lives, as we will come closer to aligning our relations with the global and perfect interconnectedness existing in nature. Such a calibration between us and nature would resuscitate us with completely new sensations of livelihood, high spirits and energy, which we currently cannot even imagine. We would then replace the egoistic-consumerist child’s game that we played leading up to the coronavirus with a new game for adults: our active participation to upgrade human relations in order to reach balance with nature.

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