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How can we stop the spreading of the coronavirus around the world?

In order to stop the coronavirus’ spread, we first need to accurately diagnose the disease itself. That is, our progress to a better and healthier state depends on our correct diagnosis of our current state.

Moreover, in addition to an accurate diagnosis of the disease, we would be wise to stop expecting that the disease will simply disappear, or that a wonder medicine will appear, and then everything will be okay.

If we could peek deeper into how nature functions at its causal levels, then we would see how it acts toward us, and what it wants from us, through this pandemic.

The pain, anguish and long-term discomfort afflicted upon humanity through this virus is in order for us to wake up to the discovery of the disease’s cause at the level of human relation—that our very detachment and estrangement from each other is behind the virus.

The sooner we understand that our divisive attitudes to each other spawn every agony that we suffer, including the coronavirus, then the sooner we would be able to focus our sights on fixing such attitudes.

I still see, however, that we have learned nothing from the pandemic: we continue expecting the solution to come through a vaccine, and we also keep trying to revive our pre-coronavirus egoistic-consumerist lifestyles that we had, pitting ourselves up against each other in an ongoing competition for narrow individualistic visions of material well-being.

However, the longer we fail to revise how we relate to each other, then the more the coronavirus (or other viruses queuing up after it) will gnaw away at us. The pandemic will remain because today, nature is obliging us to upgrade our attitudes to each other.

Therefore, stopping the spread of the coronavirus first requires understanding how our hatred of each other is its ultimate cause. When we relate to it in such a way, then we have already made a significant step to treating the disease, as half of a disease’s cure is in its correct diagnosis.

This is why those with a deeper understanding of nature exert a lot of effort in explaining this message to humanity, because they understand that the more humanity hears this message, the quicker it can heal from the pandemic, and progress to a better world with more harmonious relations.

We don’t need coronavirus vaccines. Also, if we look at the intention behind the countries and experts in the race to be the first to release the coronavirus vaccine, then we find no pure intention to heal humanity, but an intention convoluted with egoistic motives for wealth, pride and power. We can thus expect no positive progress to emerge from anything made with such egoistic motives, vaccines included.

Instead of spending millions of dollars and hundreds of hours to look for a vaccine to inject into our bodies, we would be wiser to seek the vaccine that already exists inside us—that if we realize positive, kind and loving relations to each other, then we will stop the spread of the coronavirus, as well as myriad other diseases and problems that pollute our lives today.

We have such a “vaccine” in our hearts, and we are given an opportunity to inject it into each other at every moment. Either we let our divisive attitudes involuntarily act through us and inject poison into each other, or we each accept our mutual responsibility upon each other, and thus inject the antidote to the virus into each other by aiming to care and love each other above our divisive attitudes.

Love, unification and togetherness above division is the antidote to all disease. We could test this solution similarly to how we setup clinical trials for vaccines, i.e., by creating labs that focus on leading people who are alien to each other into a newfound internal closeness and heartfelt connection, with the objective of witnessing how they would become immune to the virus.

We have yet to internalize the extent to which we have entered a new era, one of much tighter interdependence and interconnectedness, and that no treatments outside of our attitudes to each other work to fix anything in this era.

From today onward, we will experience more and more blows in order to illuminate precisely this point within us—our attitudes to each other—which needs changing.

Therefore, stopping the spread of the coronavirus requires diagnosing the cause of the virus in our egoistic attitudes to each other, and that positive attitudes hold the remedy for the virus and for all other problems in our lives.

Such knowledge already acts to heal us.

Positive relations are the source of all that is positive in our lives, and the lack of such relations is the source of all that is negative in our lives. Likewise, the coronavirus is a phenomenon that has appeared in order to teach us this principle.

Whether we agree or disagree, it costs nothing to try it out, since it already exists within us. We need not spend money or efforts doing anything with our hands or legs in order to try and find the virus’ cure. I am certain that the moment we implement an upgrade of our attitudes to each other, then we will see the coronavirus’ spread come to a halt.

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