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Evolution Is The Evolution of Connections

From the very first particles that connected into the first atoms, evolution was about growing connectedness. Compounds that could maintain their connections survived, and those that could not stick together disintegrated and vanished. On the physical level, nature has created a balanced and harmonious world whose beauty is beyond belief.

On the spiritual level, it left evolution in our hands, and we messed it all up. We failed to understand what evolution means. We thought it meant technological development, modes of governance, even athletic achievements. We tried to develop everything except the one thing we needed to: our connections. We evolved in the opposite direction from nature.

This is the reason we are suffering—because we have evolved into selfish beings that see nothing but their own interest, the exact opposite from the way every element in creation operates. Look at our own bodies: We want our organs to cooperate so we can stay healthy, but we ourselves do not want to cooperate in order to keep society healthy. It is no wonder that society is sick!

We are on the cusp of a huge transition. Those who will evolve into connected people will thrive. Those who will not realize that evolution means connection will suffer and ultimately vanish. It is an accelerating process that will put tremendous pressure on everyone to transform themselves. The sooner we adapt, the better for all of us.

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