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Coronavirus Outburst

The coronavirus isn’t just another outburst. All over the world, it is forcing us to rethink our way of life. Right now, we’re worried about our livelihood, understandably. But this is just another sign that the COVID-19 crisis isn’t just a health crisis; it is first and foremost a social crisis, exposing the ills in our society.

When the dust settles from the battle with the superbug, we’ll have to rethink everything: how we make a living and at whose expense, how we bring up our children and what values we teach them, how we treat each other and what merit we give to our lives by focusing solely on our own benefit.

With all the ills of American society, depression, desperation, and growing violence, and with the mounting international tensions between superpowers, and even with regional powers such as North Korea and Iran, the break from madness that the virus has imposed on us is likely to have saved humanity from a much worse cataclysm. But if we don’t seize the moment and change ourselves now then we’ll have wasted the lives of the victims and mayhem will ensue.

Posted on Facebook April 3, 2020

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