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Coronavirus: Nature’s Vaccine To Cure Egoism

With all the home quarantines and health department orders to stay at home except for essential needs amounting around the world at this time, while these moves are meant to protect our physical health, they can also serve as a new environment for us to heal ourselves as individuals and as a society.

The fact that many of us have been confined to our homes should serve to reveal our true state: that we are internally remote from each other. Such a revelation can thus serve to show us how physical remoteness and corporeal isolation requires inner closeness and spiritual connection.

Physical Remoteness and Corporeal Isolation Requires Inner Closeness and Spiritual Connection

Thanks to the coronavirus closing us into our homes around the world, we gain access to a new space where we can all participate in the same thought. In this space, we have an opportunity to seek more internal contact with each other and with the force of connection, which was previously hidden from us. Due to our busy competitive and materialistic lifestyles coming to a sudden halt, we have been slotted into a new environment around the world where we have the chance to become closer to nature.

“The ego virus did not give us fevers and dry coughs; it attacked our thoughts and desires. It made us think about ourselves all the time, making us act solely for personal benefit, using anything and anyone around us in order to satisfy itself.”

What is nature? Nature is fundamentally a thought that has a quality of connection, love and bestowal. The more our attitudes to each other resemble nature’s quality, the more we discover a new field seemingly rising between us, a space existing in our connections that is alive, breathing and pulsating.

In this field that starts forming between us, we start living on a new level of connection. This new level of connection necessitates us developing a sense of mutual dependence and responsibility, with ties of support, encouragement and friendship between us. Everything else we created then turns out to appear all the more artificial and transient.

How Nature Teaches Us to Grow Up and Become Considerate of Each Other

The integral force of nature that becomes revealed in our connections both brings us internally closer together, and it also pushes us away from each other, in intervals. It can be likened to parents teaching their babies to walk by holding both the babies’ hands and guiding them through a few steps, and then letting the babies’ hands go, allowing the babies to fall, all under careful guidance, in order to let the babies learn how to start walking by themselves.

Likewise, there are times when we feel more together, and times when we become more remote, and this alternation is in order for us to seek how we can connect positively above the increased distance between us, to build more mature relationships to each other. “Mature” means that we feel a sense of rejection separating us, and above that negative sensation, build positive connections of mutual consideration and assistance.

Nature Injected Us with the Coronavirus as a Vaccine to Cure a More Severe Virus

Before the coronavirus struck us, we were hit with another virus: our egoistic human nature. The ego virus did not give us fevers and dry coughs; it attacked our thoughts and desires. It made us think about ourselves all the time, making us act solely for personal benefit, using anything and anyone around us in order to satisfy itself.

The problem was that the ego could never become genuinely satisfied. In an endless race to fulfill itself, it increasingly mutated, wanting more and more, making us forget about the need to be considerate to others, and urging us to seek more wealth, social status and power using anyone and anything it could make us get its hands on.

Nature then injected us with the coronavirus — nature’s vaccine for the ego virus that had recently mutated to extremes. Since we let the ego exploit the physical closeness that we used to have, nature physically distanced us from each other in order to give us time to heal internally, to realize that our egoistic quality was increasingly knocking us out of balance with each other and with nature, and to think about how we could fix this flaw — to develop a common sense of support, encouragement and responsibility for each other upon the ego.

Of utmost importance right now is to be in this together, to help each other relate constructively to this period of physical isolation that nature has forced us into — that we need nothing other than to develop feelings of consideration, concern and responsibility for each other in order to make a historical shift from the old competitive-egoistic world and into a new world of harmonious global connection.

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