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A New World Emerging

We are about to live in a new world, a very different world from the one we’ve known. We will change many of our engagements. We will come to like staying more at home and do our business over the internet. Many of our current businesses and activities will become obsolete or profoundly different after COVID-19.

It will be many more months before the coronavirus is gone, if not more. When we return to normalcy, it will be a different normalcy: Our engagements and preferences will be different and we will live in a different world because we ourselves will be different people. But it will be a better life.

Life is about more than getting to know what restaurants or culture each country and city has to offer. We were going with the flow but I think the flow will change. It will be a more relaxed world and people will be more contemplative and calm.

Posted on Facebook April 3, 2020

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