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What Exactly Is Fascism? What Is Wrong With It?

The word “fascio” means linking a bundle together. Fascism is thus a certain unity of people, but a unity with no correction of our egoistic desires.
Our every desire is egoistic, i.e., a desire to serve ourselves at the expense of others. If we make no moves toward correcting our egoistic desires so that instead of our aiming to self-benefit in our unity at the expense of other groups and nations, then our unity is built on the basis of opposition to and hatred of others.
That is the problem with fascism. The result is mutual destruction.
The solution to this flawed form of unity is to unite not on the basis of an ego that opposes others, but on the basis of the fundamental laws of nature: laws of unconditional giving and love.
There can be no true and lasting unity if we fail to connect through the laws of nature that bond us together before our egoistic perceptions give us a picture of division and detachment from one another.
The more we develop in incongruence with the laws of nature, the more we will experience the detrimental, destructive and warring clashes of our egos that grip us in a perpetual tug of war. That is, we will increasingly suffer from the fact that we lack the wisdom of how to unite in a way that brings us lasting harmony and peace, and our increasing suffering will gradually breed in us a stronger and more pinpointed need for such unity.
Based on KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Enjoying Fascism” on July 5, 2011. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michale Laitman.
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