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What can I ask my Creator if He responded to me?

A woman once dreamed of approaching Creator behind a store counter. Approaching Him, she inquired, “What can I buy from you?” The Creator responded, “You can buy everything from me.” She promptly requested, “Then grant me health, happiness, love, success and wealth!” The Creator went to the back room, returned with a small paper envelope, and handed it to her. “Is that all?” the woman asked. “Yes,” replied the Creator, “Didn’t you know my store sells only seeds?”

Each of us has been given similar seeds, capable of growing anything good or desirable. The question is what we choose to do with them and how diligently we nurture and cultivate them. This is essentially the meaning of life: understanding what the Creator requires that we do with what we have received, and how to act accordingly at every moment in time.

We must believe that the potential for everything lies within us. Our task is to plant ourselves in a conducive environment, much like seeds in fertile soil. By doing so, everything necessary will flourish within us. This involves surrounding ourselves with books and individuals who, like us, seek the meaning of life, striving to understand what the Creator wishes for us to do with our bestowed gifts.

Moreover, we must water these seeds, putting in the effort to nourish them. The pursuit of understanding our purpose and the experiences we gather along the way—these actions serve as the water that nurtures these seeds.

If you were to enter the Creator’s store, what would you ask for? I would request the wisdom to align with His will entirely. To relinquish myself completely before Him, allowing only His thoughts and feelings to manifest within me.

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