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What are the necessary skills for 21st century students and future leaders?

Future leaders will need to know how to unite people above their differences and divisions. Of course, this does not mean using force against people’s will, as it has been done in the past. Instead, we will need leaders who will seek to unite absolutely everyone.

The primal importance of unifying all people is tough to understand, since we currently live in “us versus them” scenarios. However, with further development, we will need to reach new heights of understanding how nature works inside and outside us, and by doing so, realize how to rise above human nature and enter into positive connection with others.

Our positive connection with each other will harmonize us with nature’s perfectly connected and altruistic quality, and by achieving balance with nature, we will experience a whole new kind of life—happiness, health, confidence, and safety, the likes of which we currently cannot imagine.

Future leaders will have to be equipped with knowledge, wisdom and experience in rising above their egoistic nature in order to positively connect with others, as well as the ability to guide others to do the same.

They must perceive and sense nature’s altruistic and integral nature, its purpose and value, understand the process humanity is undergoing, and the moment in human development that we have reached: that the time has come for us humans to balance with nature by uniting above our differences and divisions.

Future leaders should be experienced in the paths that can guide people to unite above their divisive drives, and know how to draw the necessary strength to aide the process of connection with others above the cunning human ego.

Other than basic survival needs, human nature is egoistic, a desire to enjoy at the expense of others, while on the contrary, the surrounding nature is altruistic, operating to bind everything and everyone together. Therefore, in our connections, we will need to invert our nature from egoistic to altruistic, and by doing so, we will resemble the interconnectedness and interdependence of the surrounding nature.

Future leaders will thus need to be able to guide people to undergo the transformation from egoistic to altruistic, hateful to loving, and divisive to positively connected. Moreover, since they will rise above the human ego in positive connection with others, and project altruism, concern, consideration, and responsibility toward others, then they would also become concerned about the whole of humanity, not only their own country, region, city, or other grouping that they lead directly. By caring that humanity as a whole unites above its differences and divisions, and placing their own direct area of responsibility within the wider envelope of humanity’s perfect connection—like how cells and organs function within their host organisms—then the world will be on course to discovering the perfection that stems from our entering into balance with nature.

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