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The Truth about Climate Change

Scientists keep warning about the changing climate, that there is global warming, so we must do A and B and C in order to reverse it. Global warming in itself is neither bad nor good. Nature has no standard that it needs to follow. It is in constant balance. At times, that balance is achieved at a warmer temperature, and at times it is achieved at a cooler temperature, but thinking that we can manipulate it to suit our whims is nothing but hubris.

If we want to feel good in the surrounding nature, we must adapt ourselves to it, and not the other way around. Nature is integral and balanced. All things evolve according to their nature and establish a balanced system of relationships among them that enables them to thrive.

We should not interfere with nature. If we try to tilt it according to our quirks, it will tilt us back against our will through its countless manners of pushback against humanity. The only place where we can and should work is with each other.

Like nature, we should not try to change people, but only how they interact with one another. Currently, we use our strengths to control and manipulate others, and try to hide our
weaknesses so others don’t exploit us. If, instead, we spent our energy on forming supportive and collaborative connections among us, we would benefit from everyone’s strengths instead of fearing them, and they would benefit from ours, instead of fearing and alienating us.

When we change our attitude to one another, we will find that nature, too, has changed its attitude toward us, since we will be in the same balance among each other as are all the elements of nature. Then, no climate change, earthquake, plague, or flood will threaten us, since nature and humanity will be in sync.


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