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The Evolutionary Leap Humanity Needs

Humanity has evolved at the fastest pace ever in recent decades. Once we were happy with simply walking; when that wasn’t fast enough we started traveling by car. Now that is insufficient and we want to travel to space. Has any of this racing ahead really made our lives better? Probably not. Experience shows that technological developments are always exploited by investors to the detriment of man. On the next degree of human evolution as intelligent beings, we must come to understand that a genuinely satisfactory development will require a change in the code of communication between people.

There are no surprises in nature, nothing happens by chance; everything is governed by absolute laws. Even in the development of the human race, evolutionary laws and forces are at work, whether we recognize them or not. As a result of this evolution, our emotional and mental perceptions change over time.

In the 20th Century we have traveled a long road. We have experienced revolutions, wars, and breakthroughs in science and technology. Then came the Internet revolution, and social networks opened with a loud shout. Humanity has changed greatly. But within a few short years it has become clear that the new social relationships we have constructed have the potential for causing us great harm.

The phenomenon of fake news has invaded our everyday lives, and one can now instantly quarrel with people in any part of the world. Anyone can stir up trouble anywhere, whip up fury and incite others to burn the planet.

In the past, it was clear that if countries had nuclear capacities it was in everyone’s best interest to maintain the status quo and calm. Today, such factors as the spread of false information could lead to a nuclear war and destroy the world in a flash. Furthermore, it is no longer possible to make decisions that will impact only certain limited countries because the whole world is a network, connected online, linked.

This interconnection is also present on the personal level. Slander, #bullying, spurning, canceling, and #shaming make people miserable and push people to extremes. If our grandparents could witness and assess the stress we live under, they would sadly say that our lives are worse now than they were when we were less developed.

We have before us the task of coming to the recognition that our human egoistic development has maxed out, and in order to continue to exist it is imperative that we develop a new driving force to take us forward. We must embark together on a pan-social educational process that will include a reckoning of the situation we are in and the need for proper connection between human beings.

We will then identify a new paradigm which describes the development of humanity, society, and nature. We will receive new guidance on how to rise above narrow egoism—the selfish approach at the detriment of others—to discover a power that evokes a brand new desire in us, a desire to do good to others.

The next stop in our process of evolution will be to understand that the root of all our problems lies in our egoistic nature, which today has reached the height of its development. It is our egoism that does not allow us to get along with others, allows us to explode in an instant and to destroy everything we touch.

Only when we learn to transcend our egoism, will we begin to treat the entire human race as one body. Only then can we begin to understand how to build a good life for everyone while enjoying the benefits of our technological developments and innovations. In the end, our next level of human evolution must be based on the development and nurturing of complementary connections between each and every one of us.


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