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Some Good Thoughts for the Coming Week

Every deficiency, lack, or negativity we feel, every worry we experience, and every concern in our hearts, are only the results of the severance of the loving connections we once had with one another. This is why the only way to correct anything in our lives and in the world around us is to restore and improve our human connections.

When we move toward connection rather than toward separation and hostility, as is the case today, everything that seems threatening, menacing or empty, every ache in our hearts and every pain in our bodies will become positive, filled with joy, connection, and love. All we have to think about is changing our relationships from hostility to friendship.

Because we are different, we are stronger together and weaker apart. When we care for one another, the differences between us complement each other to form a whole, and wholesome society. When we are apart, they weaken us. This is why we needn’t try to make everyone the same, but rather caring, and leave our views and characters as they are. Then, the whole world will find its peace and harmony.

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