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What is pain?

Pain is an organism’s reaction to a problem it experiences. It is the organism’s way of communicating that something is wrong; it sends a warning signal of danger, and it protects us from harm or injury. For instance, if our hand touches a fire, pain makes us pull our hand away from the fire immediately, and so it protects our hand.

Pain compels our movements: to move away from something painful and move toward something enjoyable. It thus compels us to change our qualities, accept new opinions, realize the pain’s purpose, make conclusions and advance to new states of being.

Pain is a force capable of affecting the human ego. It pushes us from behind, making us develop and evolve. One form of pain are feelings of emptiness within us. They push us toward fulfillment. Our feelings come from clashes, contact and pressure, or in other words, from pain. We enjoy when the enjoyment is preceded by the painful sensation of an unfulfilled desire, suffering or expectation.

However, when we exit the human ego in order to positively connect with others and nature, we start realizing that instead of living our lives based on empty feelings, we can live on the basis of complete fulfillment. In other words, instead of pain at the basis of our drives, we can begin our motivations from love.

It is a completely different kind of existence, an alternative attitude to ourselves, our society, our world and to nature. When we achieve such an attitude, we discover a full picture of nature that is unblocked by the human ego, because we then become perfect like nature itself.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

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