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What Is the Most Significant Consequence of Trump’s Decision to Withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord?

The most significant consequence from Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord is that it helps awaken the question: What influence do we as humans really have on global warming?

Is there enough conclusive evidence that can verify one of the Paris Accord’s main points: that greenhouse gas emissions influence global warming?

Is there enough research and experience with renewable energy sources to substantiate that they’re better for the planet?

Do the politicians, governments and corporations involved in the Paris Accord have the planet’s best interests at heart?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the solution to global warming and other negative environmental impacts on humans is neither in reducing greenhouse gases nor in the investment of greener energy sources. Instead, the solution is in repairing human relations.

Here’s how it works…

What Happens to Global Warming as a Result of the Paris Accord?

Say the entire world met the conditions of the Paris Accord, doing everything possible to reduce greenhouse gases and implement greener energy. What would happen to global warming then? Simply put, nothing. It’d continue being a problem.

Scientists themselves have criticized Obama’s regulations on carbon dioxide reduction, stating that its effects on temperature would be too miniscule to notice. That is, the effect would be less than two one-hundredths of a degree Celsius (0.018°C) by the year 2100.

Many scientists also disagree with the claim that greenhouse gas emissions are a cause of global warming. Their research shows that global warming and global cooling happen by natural cycles irrespective of human industrial activity. For instance, geologist Prof. Don J. Easterbrook predicted that the current cycle of global warming is already nearing its end and we’re already on course for a new era of global cooling.

Moreover, initiatives to boost renewable energy sources like hydro, wind and solar power and reduce fossil fuels energy sources won’t improve the situation. We will discover that they will actually make our situation worse, because they don’t correct the problems at their source.

For example, the recent industrial-scale advance of wind power has already proved very problematic. Due to wind’s inconsistent fluctuations, supplemental energy to wind power has had very high costs, from continued reliance on fossil fuels to supplement the wind energy fluctuations, to higher electricity bill costs, to power outages causing Energy-intensive industries to purchase their own generators and consider moving to other countries, not to mention toxic waste from wind turbine parts contaminating land, wind farm noise proving hazardous to the health of residents living or working near wind farms, and the wind turbine fans killing birds and bats.

Government Funded Climate Science Is Like the Tobacco Industry Funding Lung Cancer Research

Many also doubt the reliability of government funded climate science that reached the conclusion that global warming is man-made. It’s like the tobacco industry funding lung cancer research. In a snake pit of politicians, governments and corporations, it’s naïve to think that such an agreement was made in consideration of the planet’s best interests.

At this point, I should make the disclaimer: I’m not an advocate for fossil fuel energy. In contrast to the still, vegetative and animate levels of nature, we humans are the only parts of nature that can take more than what we need to survive. Therefore, our excessive use of nature disrupts the natural balance.

However, trying to regulate this excess is not a solution to our environmental problems. Any regulations we implement will only lead to more problems or their mutation. This is in order to make us realize that we’re not focusing on repairing the real cause of these problems.

What Is the Real Cause of Environmental Problems?

Nature is a single interconnected system. We are still far from understanding our true interaction with the natural system. For an example of how little we know about it: In 1956, China decided to kill sparrows as part of a campaign to kill off pests that they believed cause disease and pestilence. As a result, this action led to a chain reaction that brought about death to millions of people. This is one of many examples that shows how we don’t recognize the integral nature of our planet, and how the latter responds.

It seems to many that greenhouse gas emissions cause increases in global warming. However, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the real cause of environmental problems is negative human relations. As long as exploitation, manipulation and abuse stand in the midst of human relations, we bring about the greatest imbalance in nature, and endure negative consequences. Therefore, the solution to any negative effects of the environment we feel upon us, including global warming, as well as our own disruption of nature’s balance, is in repairing our human relations.

Humans are at the peak of a four layered pyramid: still, vegetative, animate and human. In other words, the still, vegetative and animate levels of nature inherently serve us humans. However, if our connections are negative — exploitative, manipulative and abusive — it sparks a negative chain reaction throughout all levels of the system. Accordingly, if we make our connections positive — supportive, loving and caring — then we spark a positive influence that ripples throughout the natural system.

As Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag writes, “All the conducts of creation, in its every corner, inlet, and outlet, are completely prearranged for the purpose of nurturing the human species from its midst, to improve its qualities” until we can sense harmony with nature to the extent that we achieve harmony in our relations.

Therefore, in place of the Paris Climate Accord, humanity would be much better off with an agreement to nurture positive human relations. Then, global warming and all other negative impacts of nature towards us would subside. By fulfilling our role in the natural balance, we would safeguard our planet and drive the whole system to harmony.

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