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Warning: Unemployment Is On The Rise, But There Is Hope

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How Unemployment Today Affects Everyone One of the features of the ongoing and deepening global crisis is the rising unemployment all around the world. However, most alarming and most socially volatile is the unemployment rate of youths in the Eurozone,

Introducing the Value System of Mutual Guarantee, a Breakthrough in Human Interaction

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Are You Aware How Much the Media “Feeds” Your Thoughts? In a globally interdependent world, only mutual guarantee (give what you can and receive what you need) can provide sustainable success. In order to achieve this success, society’s values must

Are You Aware How Captive You Are to Your Social Environment?

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“The great project of the twenty-first century—understanding how the whole of humanity comes to be greater than the sum of its parts—is just beginning. Like an awakening child, the human superorganism is becoming self-aware, and this will surely help us

Survival Means Being in Balance With Nature

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“Till now, man has been up against Nature; from now on, he will be up against his own nature.” Dennis Gabor — Inventor of holography and awarded 1971 Nobel Prize in physics   Why Nature Requires Balance Balance is the

The Secret of Living Sustainably in the 21st Century

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Warning: Are You a Narcissistic Consumer? Human beings have become a cancer-like tumor in Nature; meaning, we take and use everything for ourselves, irrespective of the environment. But just as cancer dies along with the organism that it attacks, so

What You Don’t Know About Man’s Imbalance With Nature Can Harm You

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“Unity and complementarity constitute reality.” Werner Heisenberg, Physicist – One of the key creators of quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle Here’s a Secret: Man Is the Reason Why Killer Whales Are Now Eating Sea Otters Studying Nature reveals the

Do You Make These Mistakes When Thinking About Humanity’s Connection To Nature?

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“A human being is part of the whole called by us ‘universe.’…We experience ourselves, our thoughts, and feelings as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.” Albert Einstein, Letter dated 1950   How the Big

Why a Shift in Perspective from “Me” To “We” Is Essential to Solving Our Global Crises

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How a “Me First” Agenda Can No Longer Resolve Problems on Any Scale Today, humanity finds itself in a situation where the combination of self-centered, isolated existence and an interdependent world leads to paralysis at every level of human life.

The Secret of Exiting Today’s Global Crisis

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The Year, 2011—Humanity’s Turning Point During the worldwide unrest of 2011, millions of people took to the streets in numerous countries on every continent, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Wherever the “social storm” hit, the

Do You Know How to Exit the Greatest Crisis Facing You Today?

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See How Easily You Can Understand Humanity’s Biggest Crisis For millennia, humanity has been asking the same questions: Where are we headed; what and how are we evolving; what should we change to improve our lives; where is human nature

How Education Can Transform Society

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The Secret of Why Crime Is on the Rise Many studies in criminology cast doubt on the effectiveness of prison sentences as a means of crime prevention. For this reason, the influence of prisons on inmates—especially with regard to deterrence