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Nothing Wrong with Egoism (If Used Right)

When we talk about egoism being the bane of our generation, we need to understand what it means. After all, where would we be without it? We wouldn’t have industry, modern medicine, or communication. We wouldn’t be able to travel, explore, or lead a pleasant and easy life compared to our forefathers. Moreover, the ego is not man’s creation; it is inherent in our nature. So when we praise nature, how can we condemn the ego, nature’s own creation?

The problem isn’t with the ego; it is with how, how much, and when we use it. In a sense, the ego is everywhere. It is what maintains the shape of atoms and does not let them disintegrate. Nevertheless, in order for atoms to develop, they “relinquish” exclusivity of one or more of their electrons and “share” them with other atoms to create molecules, which is the next stage of their own evolution. As molecules “relinquish” some of their exclusivity and “share” parts of themselves with other molecules, they create molecular structures that in the end become cells, which begin to divide and multiply, and before you know it, you have life.

In other words, life consists of “selfish” elements that “relinquish” exclusivity of parts of themselves and share them with other elements. But by doing so, atoms, molecules, and cells don’t extinguish themselves; on the contrary, they guarantee their survival because now their existence is vital to someone else besides themselves. Moreover, by partaking in the evolution of a more complex system, they themselves evolve. All of creation follows the same evolutionary principle, and this is how our universe was built, with humankind within it.

We, too, are subject to the same laws of development. Socially, we evolved from clans to villages, from villages to towns, from towns to counties, from counties to countries, and now into a global village. But while our societies evolved, our psyches have remained uncared for; now it is their turn. They are the last element in creation that has not been touched, and now it is their turn.

We are at the dawn of an era where we will learn to relinquish parts of ourselves and share them with others in order to create true bonding. We will become one entity not only as communities of individuals, but people will feel each other as parts of themselves. It is a level of connection that we have never experienced, but which our egos are afraid to try thinking that this will be their end.

Indeed, the only thing that stands in the way of this final stage of evolution is our ego. It does not want to relinquish anything regardless of the cost. Like cancer, it is willing to die along with its host, as long as it does not share anything with anyone. But nature will not stop evolving until it brings all of reality into its highest level of development, where all parts both share and sustain one another, and thereby expand their consciousness to encompass the entire system of existence.

Those who resist the process will suffer along the way, but they, too, will reach it. Today, America, which has cultivated the ego culture more than any other country, is reeling with the pain of resisting nature’s pull. But thankfully, there is no need to suffer. If we understand that we do not need to kill our egos but simply use them correctly, share with others and strengthen our communities, we too will evolve, our lives will be safe, and our consciousness will encompass all of humanity and all of reality.

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