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Is There a Reason to Be Happy?

A reason to be happy is that we are coming closer to the point where we can rise above our inborn egoistic desire, which makes us wish to enjoy for self-benefit alone, and which is the cause of all the negative phenomena in our lives since it can never be genuinely fulfilled. By rising above our egoistic desire, we rise to the desire of love and bestowal, i.e., to the quality of nature itself. Then, out of our balance with nature’s very own quality, we draw the positive forces dwelling in nature that fill us with a genuine sensation of happiness.

That is how we are designed. Therefore, anyone who wishes to achieve genuine happiness needs to connect themselves with that very aspiration in others, and which dwells in nature, and then they will attract nature’s positive forces that will enliven and uplift them.

Whether we are happy materially or spiritually depends on the desires that we fulfill. Material happiness comes from filling our desires to receive pleasure. Spiritual happiness, however, comes from discovering and filling the desires to bestow. The difference between these two kinds of desires is like the difference between heaven and earth.

By receiving spiritual pleasure, we feel ourselves above time, space and motion, i.e., we enter a state where there exists no time, place, movement or changes. We simply rise above matter, above our material world that is based on our egoistic desires to enjoy for personal benefit alone. We then gain tremendous fuel and energy to continue our journey toward harmony with each other and nature.

Let us hope that we all succeed in attaining such spiritual happiness.

Based on the Kabbalah Lesson with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on March 23, 2024, “Unity Day for Purim,” Lesson 1, “The Joy of Unity.“
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