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This Is Where Human Evolution Is Heading

Know the Laws of Nature Like a Scientist

Humanity has been evolving from generation to generation, from year to year, and even from day to day. If we examine the way we progress in life, we will see that there seems to be a rule here, a mechanism that develops the whole of Nature toward greater complexity and interconnectedness among its parts. All parts of reality, everything we see on Earth, continue developing in the same direction. It seems as though there is a single law that operates within us and compels us to develop in one direction. And whether we want it or not, we are compelled to act according to its commands. Therefore, we must study that general law that is in all of Nature, a law that includes us and affects us.

In scientific research, we study Nature’s laws, and knowing them yields success. We learn how to avoid bad situations, how to advance toward good ones, and how to avoid mistakes. Therefore, we should know that general law, which includes within it all the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, botany, astronomy, and those affecting the human body and human psychology. The more we can understand this law, of which we still know very little, the more positive impact it will have on us.

Science helps us improve our lives and make them more convenient. Previously, a man had to toil from dawn to dusk to be able to survive. Today, thanks to advanced technology, one person can produce food for thousands of people. And this is true not just in food production, but also in construction, textile, hi-tech, education, and culture, to name just a few areas. Humanity has so advanced that today relatively few people can provide the whole of humanity with a good, reasonable, problem-free life.


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There is, however, one problem: Man is a natural-born egoist. This is why we can’t utilize our vast potential, the abilities we obtain by knowing Nature’s laws. While abundance exists, few possess power, money, and instruments. As a result, many don’t receive even the most basic needs to sustain themselves. In other words, there is one cause for which we cannot build a peaceful, good, convenient, safe, and healthy life on this beautiful, flourishing planet: the self-centered human nature.

This is why we need to study human nature and find the right way to work with it. We must learn how we can make our lives good, how we can correct our nature so we make life good and convenient for ourselves and for others.

We are only now beginning to understand that the whole problem is man’s self-centered nature. This realization stems from our discovery of the general law that is only now being revealed to us: the Law of the Global Force, the force that contains within it all other forces. Whether we want it or not—and we usually don’t—that force is leading us toward more connectedness and toward becoming more needy of each other.

Scientists write that the direction of the Law of Evolution, the law that develops us, is to bring us into one form, in which we are so connected that we will feel that each person is actually dependent upon the whole of humanity, and the whole of humanity is dependent upon each person. This reality may seem far off, but it’s already clear that this is the direction we’re headed.

Yet, for now, this law contradicts our nature. We aren’t built to accept it because each of us thinks only of him or herself, not comprehending that we are all interdependent. If we understood it and felt it, if we really saw that we were dependent on and connected to everyone else, we would first want to make sure everyone was happy and that everyone related to me favorably.


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The problem is that we don’t see how “round” and connected the world is. This is why we are in such a crisis, which forcefully detaches us from the life we’ve grown accustomed to over the past decades. We’ve grown accustomed to working long hours, making money, wasting it, and producing things that aren’t needed, just so we can sell them. We accumulate possessions and money trying to build a safety net—pension, healthcare, house, savings—to be sure that at the end of our lives, we and our children will not be lacking anything.

It’s clear where we want to go, but it seems that the direction we’ve been on has been wrong. Nature is shattering our plans. Even the wealthy among us can’t make that dream come true, much less the middle class and below, which are the majority of humanity. In fact, Nature is leading us in the opposite direction—toward finding safety, prosperity, and development in good connections between us.

Through the channel of forging good relationships, we will receive everything we want, and not by each of us trying to hold on to his or her good private life. We can clearly see the change coming from the all-encompassing crisis that’s happening now, which is shattering all the previous rules.

The crisis is showing us that we are in a new world. For the first time, instead of many different, seemingly disparate and disconnected laws of Nature, we are beginning to sense that a new law is operating upon us. All of a sudden we are all under its umbrella, and all of us are drawn in the same direction.

There has never been a state in the history of humanity when so many different countries were facing a similar situation. Everywhere—North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Siberia, and even in Australia and New Zealand—everyone is in the same process of decline. Regardless of society, civilization, religion, or the environment we are in, a great cloud has suddenly descended upon us, enveloping us all together


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As scientists are discovering, and as we are feeling through the crisis and the connections among us, we are all dependent on one another. The “butterfly effect” is acting in such a way that through connections with six people, every person knows every other person in the world! Today there are studies proving that even our thoughts are affecting the climate—that earthquakes and tsunamis depend on human relationships and on people’s ways of life. It turns out that we are facing one law that is forcing us to unite.

Thus, to have a better life, we must contemplate how to move toward that law rather than away from it. We must want to unite, to advance in a good, wholesome, comfortable direction, to move in harmony with the laws of Nature, not against them. Otherwise Nature’s way will win—and will, undoubtedly, break us.

On the other hand, if humanity manages to adapt itself to the round, integral system we exist in, we can unlock an unprecedented, infinite potential by becoming conscious pro-active partners in Nature’s system, elevating our existence into a whole new level.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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