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How to Develop a Global Perception that Benefits You

Today when the global, integral world around us demands mutual decision making and cooperation we realize that we are incapable of finding mutuality, a common ground as we all perceive reality today when the global, integral world around us demands mutual cooperation.


Who Else Wants to Develop a Broader Perception of Life?

Our perception of everything depends entirely on the number of discernments we make of everything, and on the resolution. The number of discernments depends on the extent to which we consist of opposites, the contrast that we detect in things, and the ways we can use them as building blocks, like Lego bricks.

Thus, we analyze what everything is made of and how this complexity differs from other complexities. When I absorb emotions from others and they become included in me, I am enriched. I become a collection of opposites, by which I begin to perceive the world in such a versatile manner that, compared to my previous, superficial perception, it’s as if I have shifted to another perception.

This is truly the psychology of a new perception, a new world. With it, we transcend the limitations of the body, the boundaries of time, motion, and place, because we have become included with all humanity, acquiring the collective emotions and perceptions of the whole of humanity, a single intelligence operating in the whole of humanity.

We begin by being included with others and discovering their collective feelings and perceptions, which actually come to us from Nature. We have the ability to reach what is hidden inside of Nature, that “heart and mind” from which all developments in this world arise. By so developing, we return to that same place, the root from which the whole chain of still, vegetative, animate, and the speaking (us), emerged. We return to the beginning of evolution and thus complete the circle.


Here’s What Connecting with Others Can Do for You

It is with good reason that Nature is urging us toward mutual connection, almost to the point of losing our individuality. In truth, we’re not losing it; we’re rising above it! Our individuality is corporeal, animal, and only a concern for the body so it can exist as comfortably as possible for whatever time it’s given. But the purpose of our evolution is to rise above our concern for the personal body, and move into a general concern. That general concern gives us entirely different tools for living from outside the body. This is why it is called “exiting my own body.”

By rising above the ego into general concern, I discover the design and purpose of Creation, Nature’s intention. Here, nothing evolves by chance, but all occurs according to a plan. I become able to see the plan the minute I rise into integral vision, when I begin to connect myself to others. This is when I begin to perceive that integral vision. It is a completely different degree from the one at which I currently exist.

It is not that I receive from Nature anything for my own body, such as food or rest. I am past that level. Now, I look at life regardless of my body. I look at Nature as if I’m not in my body. I judge, examine, and scrutinize life with the mind and heart of the whole of humanity. It is a completely different degree from the one at which I currently exist.


Why Some People are Developing a Global Perception

At present, I’m just like any other animal. I may be slightly more developed, but it’s uncertain whether it’s for better or for worse. But when mingling with the whole of humanity, I arrive at a new dimension; I qualitatively change my perception of the world I am in, and that change becomes my real world. I don’t look out at life through my narrow, selfish crevice, seeing what is to my benefit so I may pull it in through a crack in the wall—some food, some rest, some other pleasures, and that’s it.

Instead, I go out through that crack and live outside, in the world. And there, in the world outside, the outlook is completely different. It is no longer through an egoistic filter of “What’s good for me?” where all I see are either what is good for me or what might harm me. Rather, I see the world regardless of me. This is called the “new dimension,” the “speaking dimension.” I discover the “mind and heart” that exist in that enlightened state outside my body, outside this wall. I come out through the crack and discover the entire process, the very purpose of Creation.

Currently, we only discover a fraction of what might be beyond that wall, like the dark matter in the universe. Yet, although we cannot ordinarily perceive it, the dark matter constitutes over 90% of all the matter in the universe. Likewise, we have not discovered the inclusive mind and heart of the universe.

Scientists often talk about it, however. Cosmologists say that this mind and heart is something huge, but we can’t feel it. It’s like sounds we can’t hear with our natural senses because they come from a dimension above our own. And yet, through our new, global senses we will discover that dimension.

And this is not a dream, or mystical teaching. Each and every one of us are capable of entering this new, unprecedented dimension by the appropriate practical education method, Integral Education.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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