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How a Newly Discovered Law of Nature Is Your Ticket to an Incredible Life

Are You Adapted to Nature?

The laws of Nature are unchanging. These aren’t political laws that we can bend however we want. The laws of Nature are above us. Just as we can only study the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology in order to know how to use them properly, the laws of Nature are absolute. It follows that we have to study the singular law, the “Law of Comprehensive Unity,” and join it to the best of our ability, as that Law of Comprehensive Unity is the general law of the whole of Nature.

Therefore, what should we change within us so we are more congruent with Nature? When we are in that state, we feel no pressure from Nature, pressures as severe weather, earthquakes, diseases, wars, and divorces.


If You’re Aiming to Benefit Others, You Can Have Unlimited Pleasure!

The search for the answer to the question from the previous paragraph leads us into the study of human nature. Human nature is a desire to live, to feel good, and to enjoy. That is, we constantly want to satisfy something within us called “desire.” When we want to sleep, we want to satisfy a desire for rest. When we want to eat, we want to satisfy a desire for food, and so on.

Human desires divide into several basic categories: food, sex, family, money, respect, power (domination), and knowledge. All other desires are actually “sub-desires” within those categories. All our desires are generally called “desires to enjoy,” a desire to be satisfied. If I understand that it’s in my best interest to bond with others through those desires so we are all in congruence with the force of Nature, that singular law, then I might just correct every desire in me so it acts to connect with others.

Thus, I must aim those desires so they are for everyone’s benefit. If I try to satisfy only my own desire, it is considered an “egoistic desire.” If I aim each of my desires to benefit all of us together, then I must take everyone into account and think of all as one, like that singular law that is compelling me. Therefore, I must aim each desire within me toward everyones benefit.

The question is, “How should that be done?”


You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Understand What this New Form of Education Can Do for You

Scientists, economists, psychologists, sociologists, as well as our own experiences, tell us that we no longer have a choice but to care for one another and act as a single organism. Yet, my own nature thinks otherwise. It thinks that I should first receive for myself, satisfy my own wants, and not care for others. And if it decides to care for others, it’s for my own benefit.

But it’s not enough to be content. In a corrected family, I don’t think like that; I think of the entire family as one, instead of conditioning my behavior for my own benefit. Also, the Law of the Global Force is compelling us to grow accustomed to thinking of everyone as one unit, to think of the world as a single whole.

To do that, each of us must help the others, thus building together a system of new, Integral Education, which will connect us and show us that we really have no other choice.

Thus, how can we unite?


Now You Can Change Your Nature through Developing this Habit

There is another special law in Nature by which we can come closer to each other and overcome our egos. It is called “Habit Becomes Second Nature.” We know that to achieve satisfactory results, we often repeat certain actions several times. We exercise the action until it becomes a habit for us. However, the chances of it becoming a habit depend on the extent to which the environment compels us to do it, on the extent to which everyone else is doing it, and on the degree to which the act is supported by everything we see around us.

Therefore, if we set up education and a supportive environment for each of us, we will be able to advance toward a state where a person is impressed by how people are thoughtful of others. We can do this by affecting public opinion through the media and through explanations.

We must purposely pretend to be good to others, thoughtful of others, just like a family, and show that we care for others as much as for ourselves. We have to keep this act going all the time, carry ourselves about as though we were already a corrected society.

Gradually, through exercising such behavior, through public opinion, and through the influence of the environment, we will actually begin to think in that direction. We will be impressed by it so much that we will acquire an internal habit which we can no longer do without. Thus, although we will have absorbed that habit from the outside, having been forced to take it on ourselves, it will become our nature just like the nature with which we were born.


See How Easily You Can Free Yourself from Being a Slave to Your Nature

This is why it is imperative that we use the law, “Habit Becomes Second Nature.” It depends on the extent to which we are under our own pressure and social pressures to remember the game, and thus advance.

You could say that we are acting as kids here. They, too, imagine that they are doing something important, that they are building something, while we know it is a game and not for real. The kids make mistakes in their games, rebuild, then break them down and build again. But precisely through those games, they learn and understand.

Without games, a child would grow up savage, like a young animal that grows into a mature animal. This is why psychologists and other professionals build special systems for children’s games from various materials and in different forms. This is the only way we can advance.

Even our physical development would be impossible without games. We call them “sports.” Sports are games where we accustom ourselves through various exercises to do things that we wouldn’t be able to do without practice (games), meaning continuous repetition of the same act. Indeed, we can accomplish great things through habits.

We can also see that people who live together feel one another and understand one another even without words. It’s like an internal discourse, the result of habit, because by living under the same roof and feeling one another, they become “included,” mingling with one another. In the past, entire nations and civilizations were built this way, by mingling people who were strangers until they acquired the characteristics of a nation.

In other words, the law, “Habit Becomes Second Nature,” is made especially for us. With this law, even from our undesirable and unnatural forms, we will come to a state where we assume the forms we have chosen against our nature and turn them into the new form that is already within us. This is how we advance and build ourselves.

By this playful self-change we can all free ourselves from our inherent nature and enter a completely new level of mutual existence.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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