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How Can We Live Our Lives With Happiness?

In our corporeal lives, we come into contact with various pleasures, but we remain unhappy because the moments of pleasure instantly disappear. They are temporary because the contact with a pleasure in order to receive it for self-benefit alone cannot sustain itself for longer than a moment.
At the end of all such moments is death, hopelessness and disappearance. Due to the limited nature by which we encounter pleasures, we thus have no happiness in our lives. It is our world’s inherent flaw.
Happiness comes about when we make contact with a dream, one that is eternal and perfect.
Therefore, having happiness in our lives means we need to attain eternity and perfection.
How can we attain eternity and perfection? It is by rising from this world—a level of perception where we constantly try to enjoy for self-benefit alone—into the spiritual world—a level of perception where we enjoy through a new sense of bestowal upon others and nature.
Even when we rise one degree into the spiritual world, and we find how it is still an incomplete state, we nonetheless then understand that we have made a very significant leap into a spiritual perception of reality. We then acquire much clearer direction to our lives, different ideas about the world, the universe and existence, and the understanding that we are dealing with eternity, perfection, infinite fulfillment and infinite knowledge. We then feel that whatever we want, we will be able to obtain.
Based on KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Happiness” on January 18, 2011. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman
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