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How Can I Stop Being Annoyed by People?

When we see things in others that annoy us, then we have work to do.
What is that work?
The flaws that we see in others, we should try to see them in ourselves. That is, the flaws that we see in someone else are actually our own flaws.
How does this work?
It is because at our core we are a desire to enjoy for self-benefit alone, and we wish to enjoy from others. When it turns out that something about another person brings us no enjoyment, then we develop a certain distaste toward that behavior. Therefore, the flaw is in our apparatus of perception, that we wish to primarily use others for our personal benefit.
We should thus try to see that what we dislike in others are actually our own flaws, and if we were to correct ourselves, i.e., to switch the way we relate to others from egoistic—where we seek how to use them for personal pleasure—to an altruistic attitude—where we seek how to bring enjoyment and benefit to them—then we would see no flaws in them.
This is psychological work that is also very realistic and practical. Put simply, if we see something bad in others, it is because we are bad, and if we were to be corrected, then we would see no flaws in them.
What does it mean to be corrected?
Being corrected means perceiving all flaws within ourselves, and that we do not see the world but our own projection—the projection of our own desires to enjoy on the background of a white light, nature’s force of love and bestowal. We are surrounded by an ocean of love, and if we see something besides love, it is because we are projecting qualities that are its opposite.
Based on the video “How to Relate to Others Who Annoy You” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
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