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How are your going to promote fairness and equality inside the classroom differences?

I would teach equality to everyone in the classroom.

A practical exercise in doing so is for everyone to write down people’s differences, and according to those differences we have in our natural qualities, we should then discuss: How can we provide everyone with an equal opportunity?

For instance, we can see how some people are naturally stronger, others are weaker, some are prettier, others are less so, some shout more, others are calmer, and so on and so forth. How, then, can we complement each other’s differences in order to promote equality?

Let’s say I stutter. I need to get two or three times the time to express myself than another person who speaks quickly. There are some who find it harder to understand new material than others, so they need more time to process and absorb it, and perhaps need two or three explanations. Others might not care about the subject at all, so we need to try and spark their interest, maybe by giving the students an activity where they each need to explain various aspects of the subject to each other.

There are many means and tools available to promote fairness and equality among the classroom differences. We can discuss how to bring everyone to a state where everyone understands the material, enjoys the study, and even more importantly, that the actual topic of study is of secondary importance to the idea that through such learning, we build ourselves as a society that knows how to relate to each person, where each person becomes a psychologist of sorts. By “psychologist,” I mean someone who understands people’s characters and natures.

Then, when we learn together, we gain the ability to be closer, more supportive and positively connected. These connectivity skills are far more important than the knowledge contained in the subjects themselves. We can take these skills with us into our long and varied lives after school, knowing how to create an environment where we can cultivate positive connections and feel good, happy and confident with everyone who enters that environment.

Based on the video “How Would You Teach Equality in the Classroom?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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